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    a newbie question

    I am quite new to this hosting thing, so I apologize in advance for what is probably a very easy and simple question. I am searching for a web hosting provider, and the question that is not answered on the web sites is what is the advantages/disadvantages to UNIX vs NT? For a simple small business website do I need to worry about the OS?

    All of my work is in Windows OS, so does this mean I can't or shouldn't use a UNIX based server?

    thanks again for the insight.


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    Linux of course use Linux! use Linux! use Linux! ok you get the point Linux is more stable than what do you call it... ummm oh yea NT

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    Unless you're using existing web applications that rely on Microsoft software like ASP or MSSQL, you should have no problem using a Linux host.

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    Darth, how many times do we have to tell you??? Don't scare away the new folks!!

    Zippity, of the top of my head, I can tell you that the main advantages for customers to choose Windows hosting is if they are serious developers who need support for ASP, ColdFusion etc. Windows is a lot more expensive in comparison with Linux because of licensing (Linux is completely free, whilst Windows isn't). Thus the cost of a windows package is considerably more than the cost of a linux hosting account.

    Windows hosting can also give you access to the MSSQL server, which some people prefer (an ASP/MSSQL fanatic friend of mine swears that MSSQL is easier and faster than mySQL!). However I've also read that Servers running Linux have higher downtime than Window based servers. Food for thought maybe?

    For a small business, I'd advise you to go for Linux. The fact that you have Windows on your home computer/office computer doesn't make a different. You'll be using a universal method of transferring files to your web space (FTP).

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    Thanks for the info. I have the feeling that this board will be a godsend to me in the upcoming weeks!

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    well said fazel. Yes, Linux is the way to go if you are not in need off ASP or MSSQL (to mention a couple), however Linux has been proven to be more secure as well (so you know your data is safe). Not because Windows is bad, but because Linux is open source, which means thousands of users can fix things and make it stronger, as where Microsoft... they will not release their source so we have to wait for them to fix a bug. Bleh.
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    If you want use .ASP or ASP etc. application, then you can buy a Win NT host, else you can buy unix/linux based webhosting.

    Have a nice day
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