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    Can anyone please tell me how do I run a majordomo list?

    I mean, how do I send a message to all my subscribers? How do people subscribe?

    I have tried setting up a list on my domain name and it did'nt.

    Below is what I have done yet:

    - Created a list called "jalist"
    Then I tried e-mailing [email protected] , [email protected] and with subject and message both:

    subscribe jalist

    But nothing happened. No reply. No bounce back. Yes, the email is perfectly alright for this domain name. I can send as well as receive e-mail.

    I have tried searching this topic over here but could'nt find any answer from 22 search results it showed for the keyword majordomo in the Cobalt RaQ Cate.

    Please help me as I need to give a presentation about it to a client.

    Would appreciate your help.


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    When setting up a majordomo list that I want to configure more than the RAQ supports in the control panel I use the config command. Your majordomo address is [email protected], your password is, at least initially, set in the RAQ Control panel, and I search for a majordomo command readme online so I can use the right command set. Maybe you should look into this.

    However, on a Raq, if you set "Users can subscribe" and have them send a message to [email protected] with the body of the message containing "subscribe listname" without the quotes then they should be subscribed. Check the list properties from the control panel to verify this. Sending mail to the list is as simple as sending mail to [email protected] from any address, although you can use the config commands via e-mail to change that behavior so that only certain addresses work.

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    BTW, What kind of RAQ are you using in particular? I am most familiar with the RAQ4i.

    As for your majordomo issues, it seems that your majordomo isn't running, or isn't running properly. However, I don't know how to test that or fix it, as I have not run into that problem myself.

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    I am on a Cobalt RaQ3. Does anyone have any idea how do I know if majordomo is running or not.

    Much appreicated!
    -- Zaheer

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    I don't know how to check on a RAQ3, however you may want to try two things.

    1) Try sending the subscribe command to

    2) See about updating Majordomo, the RAQ3 manual says to go to, however I can't seem to get a file listing there. You may have to go elsewhere.

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    I can see the list on the FTP Server, but what should I do over there? Download the latest version of majordomo or ??

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    Isnt there a readme located ??
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