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    Wanted: Modernbill Setup Help

    I do not have the time to learn how to setup ModernBill for my specific company. Is there someone who I could pay to set this up for me. Also I will need to be in phone contact with this person also, which means he must be in the USA. Thank you very much, Sal

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    Re: setup of modernbill script


    We do not use modernbill but we know alot about the script and would be able to set the script up for you. it would only take about 2 hour or less to get it all setup, and yes we have a toll free 866 number you can contact me at since we are a hosting and IT solutions provider. :-)

    Anyway we would charge $45 which is below most companies $65-$75 per hour charge (the $50 would be the complete "flat-fee" we would charge you to set up the script). We also Garuntee all our work.

    if you are interested contact me at
    1-866-655-4634 press 8 to speak with me directly

    or e-mail
    [email protected]

    if you have AIM my screen name is Auroagroup

    I look forward to serving you
    Jason Reis

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    SV3, you're probably better off going with professional setup (from modernbill), judging by what the people in here are charging (one wants just pennies less, the other wants just pennies more). At least that way you know they're familliar with the software.
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    Yeah, I agree. If you want it done fast without worries - go with the Modernbill team.

    Unless you were planning on having someone make mods for you too or something...

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