Regular visitors to this forum will have noticed it's become somewhat saturated with templates, but the vast majority are actually only hi-res pictures - the eventual purchasers must then spend time slicing the picture, a complex process for unexperienced webmasters. Instead of getting lumbered with one of these, why not purchase a ready-to-roll template?

The following templates are available as actual HTML pages, complete the stylesheets and images (The only reason they are displayed here as images is to deter people from ripping me off - would-be purchasers can see the actual pages before buying).

Template One
This template actually consists of 3 pages, each available in 3 different colour schemes. Although not as glitzy or clip-art laden as some sites, the emphasis is on a professional design to suit professional webhosts.

Front page - In Blue
Account details - In Orange (NB: Screenshot slightly lighter than actual page)
Signup form - In Green
Rest of the screenshots available here

This is sold as a complete bundle, with the buyer recieving all the pages for you to use. It has only been sold once, and will only be sold twice more. The price is a very reasonable $30.

Template Two
This is just a single page template, but is available in 3 colours. It's slighty less complete than the other style but I feel the graphics are better, so it's also $30, but hasn't been sold at all yet. Of course, this is an actual HTML page, ready for you to use.

In green
In red
In blue

If you're interested, I can accept payment via PayPal, NoChex or other methods.

I can be contacted on [email protected] or via PM if you're interested in purchasing.

Thanks for looking! Feedback is welcome - you might wish to PM it to avoid cluttering this thread.