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    I have seen lots of offer for shared web hosting and something I don't understand.
    I saw many offers for dedicated servers and bandwidth with basic subscription is about 300 GB monthly or less !.

    So, how large number of shared hosting offers include approx 10 GB of bandwidth monthly offer or above that number. That numbers shows that it can be stored 30 or less customers on server. The question is , is this profitable or not ?

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    How it works

    Most hosts offering large amounts of bw oversubscribe. This means they offer you 300GB hoping you will use 50GB. If all actually used 300GB they may not have enough bw. 325GB is approx equal to 1Mbps. Most sites use very little bandwidth even though their owners think they might use more and I imagine most companies offering large amounts will find that very few customers use all of the bw they allow.

    Most providers also offer additional bw for an additional fee allowing you to have more than 30 sites per server. The number of sites a server can handle varies greatly. A single server can handle hundreds or maybe even thousands if they are small, low traffic, static sites. On the other hand, some single domains use huge amounts.

    I think you will find few shared customers actually use 10GB (unless maybe they are adult hosts).
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    Many hosts would usually packed between 100 to 1000 clients/sites on each server. Usually in shared hosting, majority of the clients would consume pretty little bandwidth. Some might not probably might not consume more than 1 or 2gb/mth. There would probably be those which does consume close to or exceed the 10gb or so. But usually once you average it out, it would more or less be within limits. It is a lot of balancing act to run a cost effective ship. Of course, the problem comes when you have numerous sites actually consuming to the limit.

    Of course, overselling would maximize profitability but the risk is that it might backfire on you when you got a number of clients breaching that limit.

    Then there are some hosts which does not oversell by hosting just 30 clients on the server but usually at higher cost. For instance, if you charge $20 per site x 30 clients, you could make a decent $600 per server.

    But the reality is that most would oversell. Of course, if you see a host charging $5/mth, 30 clients would yield just $150 which is not pretty profitable. To make $600, you might have to pack 120 clients.

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