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    multihomed backbone

    anyone knows a good hostng company with multihome backbone?

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    Handy feature called "Search".

    There are tons of hosts here that have multi-homed backbone connections, you just have to make the effort and search

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    I've got my servers racked up at InterNAP. They're the best, IMO.
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    There's tons of multi-homed bandwidth out there which you can tap into for pretty cheap. has probably the best north eastern multi-homed bandwidth around. With direct peering to the UK & their very affordable pricing, they're a sure fire bet.

    If you are looking to stay on the east coast you have Telehouse both at 25 broad in NYC as well as their data center on Staten Island. As well as two other facilities on the west coast.

    A little further down the coast in GA, you have 56 Marietta.

    If you want to hop over to the west coast, you have They operate a few data centers and have peering all over the place.

    You can then look at internap which have facilities on both coasts as well as some in the central US.

    Exodus also has a wide range of facilities.

    So take your pick, all of these facilities are Tier 1, multi-homed conglomerates. You can't go wrong with any of them.

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    Originally posted by
    I've got my servers racked up at InterNAP. They're the best, IMO.
    Yes, Internap is the best so far for us too. Which Internap datacenter are you (or any of your servers) located in?
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