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Thread: Sueing spammers

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    Sueing spammers


    Iīve just had my redirection service closed temporary because a userīs account was mentioned in spammail.

    The spammer was using our service to redirect to his website.
    I think itīs crazy that our site getīs shut down just because a userīs account was mentioned in a spammail. I mean, there hasnīt been a single spammail sent from our server.

    I mean are people so dumb that they canīt even look up which server the files are on?

    If President Bush were mentioned in a spammail, would he then be involved in spamming?

    Does anyone know if thereīs someone I can sue for bringing my service down? Iīm pretty sure that wouldnīt get their service shut down if they were in the same position.

    Please give me some legal advise.


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    lawsuit + spam = $$$

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