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    Here is something that will stun you all !!!

    I have an account on a server that uses a .htaccess file to protect their directories. Funny thing is it logs in perfectly but the images don't load. What i mean is the .htaccess file is 100 % correct and it prompts for the user. Very well i log in but when i click on a link with images the .htm file won't load nor do any of the images.. I can't figure out why .. It seems the only one that loads is the members first area but any folders within that folder won't . There are no other .htaccess files so you would think it would be fine. The min i remove the .htaccess file it loads 100 % do i don't know what else to do. any ideas ?

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    Re: Here is something that will stun you all !!!

    Originally posted by prelude2001c
    The min i remove the .htaccess file it loads 100 % do i don't know what else to do. any ideas ?
    I'm almost too stunned to type, but I'll try

    Is this a frontpage site? Post the .htaccess file so we can get a look at it.


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    nah.. no frontpage .. all the .htaccess file has is :

    AuthUserFile /home/username/public_html/ccbill/password/.htpasswd
    AuthGroupFile /dev/null
    AuthName Members
    AuthType Basic

    <Limit GET POST>
    require valid-user

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    i'm clueless.. i have no idea what else to do.

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    hey hope this help.. it seems that all files in the members directory and images load just fine however if it is in the

    members/another_folder/image.jpg doesnt work

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    ok have figured something out but i can't figure out how to fix it once and for all.. it seems that if i have

    /home/username/www/members/.htaccess that members folder works but if i have members/bob/ the stuff in bob doesnt work. If i copy the .htaccess and put it in bob directory then it works too but isnt there a way that it will be recursive and it subfolders as well. This might be an apache issue but i dont know how to change it any ideas ?

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    ok.. i now understand that options followsymlinks is under the apache default but it doesnt work for some reason. Strangely enough it doesnt load sub-folders only folders that are within the main members section.

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