I was playing around with a possible design change for my ad bar, right now it's a solid black column on the right side. Since it has such a sharp contrast against the golden yellow of the main site, I thought this would draw people's attentions to the specials listed there.

I read The Big Red Fez yesterday and after looking at some of the site examples I decided to consider another method of listing the ad on the right... so I took a screen shot of the site and chopped it, came up with the example in the picture.


That is in comparison to what it currently looks like www.hawgbuster.com

What do you think? Worth the effort of changing? Easier on the eyes? I had somebody else look at the image, and the first thing they replied was that it makes the ad stand out better, especially since they didn't even notice the black column! They somehow subconsiously ignored it! Blah! Totally not what I wanted. Now the image is just an example, I could make that solid yellow like the rest of the site with a black border, instead of just a yellow border and white background.

Let me know what you think. thanks