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    raq /home directory full?!??!!

    I'm getting a severe problem warning on my Raq550. It says the disc usage has a severe warning and then tells me that the /home directory has 30768.52 MB Disc Usage, and a Total size of 32149.31MB, and that Disc Usage is 96%!!!!
    The Raq550 is less than 2 months old. No new sites have been added, and no more website files have been uploaded to any of the existing websites. But suddenly this severe warning of a 96% disc usage has appeared. There are roughly 98 sites on the raq with a Maximum Allowed Disk Space (MB) of 25mb each.

    Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? The figures dont add up! I cant have used 96% of the disc!

    Someone please help me!!!!

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    Can you see what is in it when you do an ls -al ??

    Cause if you raq is complaining there should be something in there.

    Post results please.
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    Are there stats using up space? That could explain the extra space being used.

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    it turns out that i the home/spool directory was 30gig. When i looked inside the spool directory i found that there was hundreds of mails stored in side subdirectories inside a directory called mqueue. These subdirectories were called q1, q2, q3, q4.

    I used a rm -f * command to clear the directories and it ended up that i had used 2% after I removed the files rather than the 96% before.

    Still not sure how all that mail ended up in there. and the raq550 control panel is still saying there is a 'problem' rather than 'severe problem' like before. although when i actually click the problem it says everything is fine.

    If anybody knows how the mail got in there i'd be interested. Someone mentioned that it might be a mailbomb!

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    Sounds very odd indeed.
    I would suggest that you have a look at your sendmail configuration, as that's where a lot of these kind of things are set.
    Unfortunately I'm not that familiar with the innerworkings of the 550 yet, but if it has multiple mail queues then it is very similar to the RAQ4. If you could have examined the mail itself you might have found an answer.
    A common reason for mail being stuck in the queue is when it Sendmail cannot connect to the receiving host, or cannot find it's DNS, though it shouldn't hold on to the mail for a long time.
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