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    * Looking for a webhost.. opinion needed

    Hello all.. I run a small personal website.. I am thinking of changing my hosts.. my current host does not give me enough featuers although its quite fast .. so my minimum requirements are

    50MB space
    3GB bandwidth
    hassle free money back..

    and then the others...
    Online Control Panel,Stats, FTP, help, sitebackups, 99.9% uptime etc etc.. I guess they are the regualrs.. my budget is quite small.. I already have a domain name.. and am willing to spend at the most $6 per month.. that is tops...

    so I did some research.. and came up with the following list.. .. very cheap
    netfirms.. fast but no mysql
    your-site.. same
    Hostmatix.. good deal I think..
    Host Nexus.. I think its quite good.. but some people in the forums did not like it..
    and lastly has everything I wanted and probably more..

    I dont want to fall in the classic trap of cheap = not good service.. one of the things that is most important to me is uptime and speed.. also the fact that the company has its own servers.. not reselling stuff..

    so that leaves me totally confused.. any insights and other comments/ recommendations by all the gurus here would highly appreciated.. thanks again

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    You are sure to find a good host here at WHT, My suggestion would be post a request in the web hosting requests forum and then do a check on the hosts that reply and see if they have a good following here also I suggest shooting out a couple emails to there support email to see what typical response times will be.. This is something alot of people dont think about BEFORE they purchase hosting and ends up being the biggest nightmare after there with them.. good luck

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