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    Job available for writing a script

    I require the following script for one of my customers. Could you please quote your price and experience here if you are interested in doing it. I donít imagine it would be more than a few hours work (you may even be able to find a basic script and adapt it), we will pay via paypal or credit card. If successful we will offer you more work in the future, we have quite a few customers requesting scripts to be made or adapted for them.

    This script needs to have a page where one can signup. Once they have signed up they are given instant access to a members area, they will need to select a username and password which needs to go onto the password list straight away. All other data on the form needs to be emailed to the site owner. We will provide you with the basic from setup ready for you to adapt for your script.

    The site owner also wants an easy way to delete customers.

    So in summary:
    Customer enters data -> Gains instant access to members area -> Data emailed to site owner.

    We use the Cpanel system, so integration with the password system in this would be ideal. I imagine this script can be written in PHP or CGI, please give brief idea of what language you want to use.

    Thanks, we look forward to seeing some offers!

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    By the sound of it, this shouldn't take over a few minutes. Email me and I'll offer you whatever information you require and I'll be able to write something up for you in a matter of minutes. I'd suggest you stick with the CGI idea though, as you can utilize a CGI wrapper to make sure that you don't allow any other users on the server a means to overwrite or modify the password file.

    With PHP as a module (unless you run it as CGI), you'd have to open up permissions and risk that, so CGI is best and you needn't worry about the efficiency to have it run as a mod_perl or mod_php script (and this will be safe). Figure $50 for something like this, give or take if it's too much and I'll be happy to help. PM or email if you're interested.
    Robert McGregor
    Email: robertm@(nospam)

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    DMH DaZ,

    Your expecting someone to do it for him for free?!

    Dream on

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    I could could do this for you really fast in PHP. I'm assuming that because you're using cPanel you probably have MySQL installed. If so, I can make a nice script (secure) with password authentication, registeration and a nice interface for admin.

    Right now I'm working on a Forum Script by my self. is also another website made by me which is a totally admined website in PHP. The entire website is dynamic, with the login and registeration along with the project pages and everything. News too!

    You name the price and I'll tell you.

    Email me at:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    (email at both, my [email protected] is having problems.)

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