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    Thumbs down Smart Consumers/ Infinology Never Responded to My SALES Enquiries!

    And to think I already have the money in hand.

    I have sent a total of four emails and only one (the first) email has been responded to.

    The emails that I send out are, no doubt, well formatted, legible and very easy to understand and the questions I ask are head on.

    It's been more than a week and still nothing yet.

    I was once sure that even the most unscrupulous companies tended to their sales department...surprise surprise?

    Are there any current Smartconsumers/ Infinology users and/or Enquirers here that care to share their experience?

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    I myself don't seem to think that the sales department of a company can really show the way a company is.

    I know for myself, I worry about my current clients more so than sales.

    Some companies prefer to keep customers happy, then worry about more money.

    While other worry about more money, then existing customers.

    I know which one I would be going with

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    Yeah I know what you mean and totally agree.

    But it does say something else when they don't even respond to legitimate and real sales enquiries...

    I wonder when that "Sunday" is...

    Any current Smartconsumers/ Infinology clients would care to share their experience with us?

    I'm still interested nonetheless...

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    Originally posted by Kaizer_VI
    I'm still interested nonetheless...
    Darn, can we send you all their marketing mail that we get in future then...?


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    Thumbs down re: Infinology

    I have been with them since January of this year. They were in the midst of consolidating when I signed with them. Plenty of headaches for a few days but it cleared up and I was happy until the first part of this month (September). That was when their server or hard drive crashed. My site disappeared for over a week. I sent five (5) eMail messages to them. They replied with form letters on two of them. That didn't help me a bit. Finally after 9 down days, they answered my mail. That was when they apologized and advised me that my site was on one of the hard drives that crashed. I sent them another email to tell them that my site is still not up. That was when they told me to upload my files again.
    Now, tonight my site is missing again. In its place is an Infinology generated page. I just sent them an email message inquiring what's going on...Haven't heard from them yet. I will probably latch on to another host and forget about this outfit. There's too much problems with them recently.

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    Hahhaa Gary...

    Anyway I'm still interested coz the plans are outrageous! That's why I'm hell-bent on speed-testing them first and making sure all the basics (as in my emails) are covered...

    Oh okay...I would say that they're throwing all resources they have into correcting that crash and wouldn't dare answer any sales enquiries yet until they get it resolved huh? That explains something...

    Hmm, well, if their plans are gonna be still available once they get their act straight...count me in!

    BTW, can I have your website address? I wanna see how the speed is (if it's up at all haha), thanks.

    More feedback thanks...

    Hey chucko, you mind confirming if you're on Smartconsumers/ Infinology plans and not something else like Prime Master or Zero Setup? (that sh*t is really confusing...)

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    Thumbs down

    Here's the lowdown...
    I signed on with them in Prime Master 2 under the Extreme hosting plan. They've changed things around since then that I am in a daze after reading your note. I don't know what plan I'm under at this point. ha-ha. They have combined different plans under the same banner periodically during their merger.
    You can log on to, but you will see a H-Sphere screen. The web site is missing. If you can make heads or tails out of what you see, congratulations and please explain it to me. I'm pretty new at this. They have not answered my email I sent last night so I still don't know what is going on with them. If anyone else have a suggestion, please let me know.
    If you use their services, good luck.

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    Well, as far as I know, I think Infinology bought over Prime Master and Zero Setup...someone please correct me if I'm wrong..

    Smart Consumers though, is a division bourne out of Infinology themselves...again, correct me if I'm wrong.

    So, I think , there are four different Infinology entities, the others being either purely resellers, or acquired companies...and Infinology themselves: Infinology, Prime Master, Zero Setup and Smart Consumers, according to time on the market I think...

    I have heard nothing but terrible (damn I forgot how to spell that, is that right?) reviews about Prime Master and Zerosetup...but still next to nothing about Smart Consumers.

    I believe, chucko, that you're with Prime which case I would say "Too bad.."


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    Originally posted by faculty
    I myself don't seem to think that the sales department of a company can really show the way a company is.
    I've heard that argument before, and I'm not buying it. Each department does show how the company is, whether it's their intention or not. I personally think it speaks volumes about a company when they do not respond to inquiries by prospective clients.


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    I've been an Infinology customer since February 2002. I purchased based strictly on value -- lots of storage space for low $$. For me, they've been clearly a case of spending less and getting less. Under no circumstances will I renew and if you were sitting right here next to me, I'd make an utter fool of myself begging you not to use them.

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