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    * credit card processor - 2checkout or hostcharge?

    Hi all,
    I will start my web hosting services in Canada and I would like to have a 3rd party credit card processor. So far I think 2checkout and hostcharge are one of the best cc processor. I would like to know which one is better? how to they handle chargeback? Do I need a business bank acct to join? Any comments/advice will be appreciated.


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    Im also in Canada and I've found Hostcharge to be the best option for me. No setup costs. Any checking account will do even though I did register my biz name and opened a USD biz acct.

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    hostcharge should be the best for u.
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    I'd recommend staying away from 2checkout - when i used them, their payments were on and off, and the processing system was up and down randomly.

    as for hostcharge, i would normally recommend them, but until they get my current problem resolved i cannot. the problem is not so major that it affects how your payments are handled, but i feel that it should have been resolved a lot sooner, hence, the lack of my recommendation for now

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    And me recomended hostcharge.
    Have free refunds and $5 charge for chargebacks.
    2checkout have small fee for refunds and $30 for chargebacks.

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    Whoa, 30 bucks? They could put a guy out of biz at that rate.
    I never knew that, they must have it hidden in fine print on the last page of the internet.
    Glad I didnt sign up with them.

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