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    Hosting Clients for sale

    I have 47 hosting accounts for sale, and will consider any offer.
    Please note we are not selling the website/design, and the reason(s) are:
    (1) We like the company name & it is not industry specific (hence we would like to keep it for our own potential future use.)
    (2) We paid a large sum of money for the web design, and are attached to it.
    However, I would be happy to forward the site to your hosting home for a period of time and help with the transition.

    Here is the client information:
    Our gross annual income is currently $7,600 ($640/month). The income comes from both personal and reseller accounts.

    We have 25 virtual/personal (non-reseller) accounts. Here's how they break down:

    $6/month clients x 16 (10 pay monthly, 6 quarterly)
    $9/month clients x 2 (1 pays monthly, 1 pays quarterly)
    $14/month clients x 1 (pays monthly)
    $20/month clients x 1 (all pay monthly)

    In addition, there are 5 clients who have prepaid for more than three months (their terms are up for renewal between 5 and 16 months from now). None of these 5 clients use much resources, nor do they demand much (if any) attention in the way of support.

    We also have 17 resellers who pay a base rate of $20/month plus $1/month for each resold account. All resellers pay monthly; all but 4 have credit cards on file with us (the other 4 pay by PayPal).

    As of last month, the resellers paid a total of $493 (. We have one reseller paying $110, and another who paid $69 last month but is growing rapidly (one new signup approximately every two days) and will likely reach $100/month by December. The smallest accounts pay $23/month (two clients who are using the account for multiple domains rather than for reselling) and the average charge for a reseller is currently around $38/month.

    We have been charging clients $5/month for MySQL support (for the reseller accounts, one monthly charge covers MySQL for any and all resold accounts) plus $5/month for custom nameservers. I've figured in these costs along with the above prices.

    Please contact me with questions or offers at [email protected].

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    Can you please let us know what is included in various packages for personal accounts.

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