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    Need collection agency **any suggestions?***

    I operate a website design and development firm. In past month or so, we have had 4 clients who got their work done but have failed to pay and few of them are not in touch at all while others i have regular communication via phone and chat.

    I need a collection agency who is ready to work at no upfront payment and 10-15% of payment recovered. All the amounts that we are dealing here are under 500$

    Any suggestions welcomed! Please, no flames...we have started taking advance payment from now on Few of the companies are hosting companies and others are small startups or dot-comes. Dont want to publish their names just yet...but will if the need arises.

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    Fat Tony's pretty good, but he takes a pretty healthy commission. Last I heard it was somewhere around 100%

    Seriously, there've been a few threads on this, and a search will give you a few leads:
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    i don't know if this would help but I use

    If you are collecting $500 + balances the price for the full blown service is $47.95 for 1 debtor, little less than 10%, but that is paid upfront

    But the price goes down the more debtors you send them.

    Other than that, I work at a collection agency,

    If you are interested in the agency's rates, PM me, I will
    get you in touch with a rep.

    Please don't consider this spam, I make jack if the agency gets a customer from here, just giving a suggestion.
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