Earlier today I was looking around Monster.com for a job (I usually work in PC Support/Desktop Support/Network Support/ Server Admin/etc stuff).

I saw an ad for a position and decided to fire off a resume...and instead of a general "don't call us, we'll call you" autoresponse I got the following:

"I have received your resume and you seem very qualified for an opportunity in our network.

Please answer the following questions.

Are you tired of looking for a good job, working hard for a low paying job, or temp jobs?

Do you own a computer w/ windows, high-speed internet & ms office? Type 30-40 wpm? Know how to use the internet, spreadsheets, and a database?
Would you be willing to BUY a guaranteed job working from home paying 24k a year + benefits for only $1000?
Send your answers by email (do not REPLY) to:

[email protected]
CSRNET Incorporation"

I was a little miffed by someone asking for $1000 of my cash (with a crappy scam...not even a good one) so I replied with some choice words to the address requested.

I got THIS back:

I am very pleased that you are interested in the opportunity that CSRNET has to offer!

Before I give you my phone number so that we can talk, I want you to:

1.Go to http://freeback.com/index.jsp and log in.
(username) csrnet (password) 2003
Click: My Secure Files (Root > )

2.Download applications and fax to me 1-775-593-3373.

3. Open Welcome to CSRNET! and read.

Once you have done this and are very serious about going forward and signing up... call me.

I am very excited to proceed!

Arthur Glenn, Project Manager
[email protected]

Which I decided "wisely I suspect" to ignore, since I have NO idea what that java script does. Nor do I need to log into anyone's server for any reason.

I ran a whois on it, and representative.com shoots back to Easylink services.

My question is this: I assume that Easylink is at least half-decent but that they can't monitor everything any more than I can on MY machines.

I doubt the sysadmin knows his customer is a scam artist...but how many of YOU out there have ever found a customer using your systems for nefarious purposes ?