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    Making a non-spam, professional link exchange inquiry

    Does this sound like it fits the bill?
    I run a web site called the "Web Design Forums" located at . The target audience of my site are web designers, graphics designers, advertisers, and hosts; the intention of my site is to help webmasters through every stage of their website's life. The forums have been up for a few months but traffic is very low.

    I noticed that our sites have many things in common, and I believe a link exchange would benefit both our sites. You can see my 88x31 buttons at the bottom of my forum's main page, and my forum's image is available at .

    If would like to exchange links, please reply.
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    Looks pretty genuine.. I mean I consider ANYTHING I did not ask for is SPAM.. But I would rather a genuine personal SPAM then the daily "Make your shlong bigger!" and "New refinance rates" bs that fill up my inbox on an HOURLY basis..

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    I remember when such a letter was deemed genuine, and not considered spam.
    I actually state on one of my web sites, to email me if you want a link. I hand pick all sites I link to.
    What do I get instead?
    "add two inches to your dingdong"
    "click here to see me naked"
    "excelerate your windows 98"
    "fresh barnyard sex"
    "free klezz tool"

    Yeah, I'd have to say if you emailed me at my site, and if our sites were simular (they aren't, so don't do it) I would consider a link exchange.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
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    That's why I coded up a PHP mailform that also sends your IP address, resolved to a hostname as well. They never figure out my e-mail address unless I reply, and I'm scheming of a way to fix that, too
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    Sounds like something I might send if I came across a site that seems to be in the same category as my own.
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