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    Cool Quality Ad Space

    If you are interested in buying some quality ad space, has three openings right now.

    1 Dedicated banner on main page - $10 a month
    - NONE LEFT NOW! -

    10 Dedicated banners on 10 sub-pages -$15 a month
    -5 spots available (70 total banner slots)

    Dedicated Text ad on bottom right of every page -$25 a month
    -1 spot available

    Our stats our as follows:
    1100-1700 unique visitors a day.
    2500+ Page views a day.

    Our site contains 100+ Pages, so there are many ad spots to fill.
    If you would like proof of our stats, I can e-mail you a screenshot of our stats from the past 4 days. (we switched servers 4 days ago, so we only have 4 days of stats right now)

    We now accept PayPal and Checks.

    Banners can be as large as 468x60

    If I left out any vital info, just ask.

    My e-mail is [email protected]
    My URL is

    Thanks in advance!
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    Please email me also.

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    We have been getting floods of offers. The text ads and the main page ads are gone. You can still get dedicated banners on other pages though. Thanks for all those who e-mailed.
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    I could make room at the TOP of every page. (next to the black
    box) A text ad at the top of every page would cost about $50 a month.

    We still have plenty of dedicated banner space on our sub-pages.
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