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    * New Face in the Game Seeking Employment

    I am a current student of the ZEN ARTS of Computers. Actually A+, Net+, MCSE, and Oracle 9i. I have taken these classes but I lack the funds to complete my testing on an account of the amazing prices per test. I am in the area of Union County, NJ looking for any sort of work. I have 4+ years experience with networking and repair. I also know a little about TELCOM. Please contact me asap if you have any sort of computer related work in the area.

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    Well, some testing places have vouchers.

    Local one down the street has A+ for $85 per section.
    You should get a 25% off voucher from CompTIA on the Net+ after passing the A+

    Mickeysoft ones are $90 bucks each.

    Not sure about the Oracle one, never pursued it.

    Come on, whip out the plastic and charge it. Grabs those certs and hit the street, should have it paid off in no time.

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