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    * Will work for food!

    Yes... Will work for food. Actually I am looking to do a few small projects in exchange for donations to a local soup kitchen in my area. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I was wanting to raise some money for the soup kitchen down the street for me. I will donate all money earned from these projects to this kitchen. I figure this could be a nice way to make a difference for some people around the holiday.

    If you would like some php work done or if you need some software installed on your unix based server please PM me.

    If you would like to make a donation to this cause or if you want to team up with me to help raise money for the soup kitchen please PM me as well.

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    I wish I could help you out...I think that is cool what you are doing. I am sorry I cannot help you...GOOD LUCK!

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    its a good idea but why dont you go with the practical job? caz if i am not wrong you are a part of IT world.
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