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Thread: Joining the BBB

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    Joining the BBB


    Has anyone seen positive results from joining the BBB. I am going through the steps of joining them since we have been in business for some quite some time they are gonna def. accept us. I don't know if its worth all the $$ they are charging though.
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    Starting out - I'd say don't do it. It's a chunk of $$$ (or way last time I looked) and no one ever looks at it before buying. Otherwise we'd have less whining.

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    It might be worth it if you go the extra step of getting approval to put their internet seal on your website. Without a doubt it has greater recognition than anything else similar, and I'd expect it would help bring in a few sales each year. It'd be hard to quantify, though, how many. Anyway, the first step to do that is to get approved and join your local chapter, after that there's another application and process.
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    You're right it is a chunk of cash to 'join' or buy in as I see it. However, we have added the internet seal to our site, and I can't tell you one way or another if it has helped sales or increased customer confidence, my thought is the latter.
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    Personally I think the button looks more like an ad banner and would avoid clicking on it.

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