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    * Need A Job?


    I am 15 almost 16 and I am looking for some kind of woth while job. I know Java, HTML, C. I can also do veiw my flash go to if you just like ot see my whole site go to If you think I can help you, I wont charge an arm and leg. Thank you

    (P.S. - Please remember I am self taught)

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    WOW Java and C at 15. That's some great knowledge there - good luck!

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    I am 15 also! I don't know C, but I know, Linux, HTML, Flash, Java, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I just started my second company that will be lanuching at the end of this month... JanusHosting.Com.

    I started a web site design company a year ago and now I am getting in to Hosting.

    Goodluck on finding work at 15...I have been laughted at many times by people, but my success makes them look stupid, so hang in there! Also, when you get 16 you can get a job at a web site design company in your area (I have got some offers).

    Again GOODLUCK

    Dustin Townsend

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    Best of luck guys, Those skills you have are exceptional

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