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    Web Hosting Reseller Business Plan...

    I just saw this in the latest WHIR... Thought you all might like to see it...

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    did you buy it?

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    Is it even a good or credible book? -- or do you get commission or something off of it?

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    Heheheh - no commissions...!

    As I said, I just saw it in the latest WHIR...! I was merely posting for the sake of those that don't get WHIR... That's all!

    I cannot comment on it's quality, credibility, etc - if anyone's interested in finding out more, then visit the link and do your own investigating!

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    Thought I'd add my two cents' worth here, since I'm the author of the reseller business plan mentioned above : )

    The plan (delivered electronically in Word document format) was developed to address the specific business needs and concerns of Web hosting resellers, especially those just starting out. It includes sections designed to help resellers create a customized executive summary; business plan objectives; detailed business description; business goals and objectives; sales and marketing strategies; management and operations overview; financial management details; and appendix.

    As a long-time technology/business author, consultant and analyst, I've seen repeatedly that one of the greatest stumbling blocks facing any new business is the lack of a solid business plan. Without it, a new entrepreneur is basically left to operate on instincts from day to day ... not the best strategy for a successful business, especially these days!

    A lot of research and homework went into developing this business plan, which I believe is a first for the reseller industry. The template starts with the essentials of a fundamental, good business plan, then delves into the unique needs and characteristics of Web hosting, especially reseller hosting. It's based on the best information available from an extensive collection of business and hosting authorities (not just me : ) ).

    Finally, here's a little info on my own credentials: 20-plus-years of journalism experience (including The Chicago Tribune), seven-plus years of Web experience (including time as both a designer and hosting reseller) and nearly five years focused on the hosting and technology markets (credits include The Web Host Industry Review, the now-defunct Web Hosting Magazine,, E-Commerce Times, CRMDaily and

    I'm also co-author of "The Home Team" (a business guide for home-based business), publisher of "10 Commandments of Small-Business Success" (authored by Marguerite Kirk) and author of the soon-to-be-published "Writing for the Web: A Complete Guide to Profitable Online Communication."

    Sorry for the length of this response, but I just wanted to clarify what the "Reseller's Business Plan" is all about and what went into developing it. Hope it helps!

    Shirley Siluk Gregory
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