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    anyone got experience with


    We are interested in their services... Can someone tell me if they truely are good?, pwebtech, webreseller, etc are all fine however I think its time to look at better solutions... The reason why I like is how they assign each server a PSA... Personal Server Admin who does a monthly server audit.. e..g check for security holes, space, memory problems, applies new patches, etc... It sounds all too enticing...

    Can someone tell me if their server has been audited like the above and if that is truely what they DO?

    Also, another point I like about fastservers is how they offer to WORK on your server if say Apache goes down, an engineer will actually login to the server and fix the problem.. A number of times I've had my server down for hours because noone told me about it being down... sometimes these remote monitoring services dont work and thus it doesnt report the downtime... With an admin there 24/7, and with local monitoring for my server, I can sleep well... so my next question to all those customers at fastservers, HAS any of the above ACTUALLY happended to you? Did you server die and a tech was immediately on the problem?


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    i'm also currious

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    they ARE GOOD. period.

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    Just got the 1 server there [for now] and no problems so far. I'd never trust their, or any server provider's monitoring service. You need your own from someone like Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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