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    Question Redirect

    I am having a brain fart today.

    I want a script where I have a online form with a submit button.

    In the form I ask for a user number, name, etc.

    i.e. the visitor enters 123456

    When they hit submit they are directed to

    But I do not want these numbers to be shown via the source

    I also would like to modify the url.

    If they enter 123456 I could send them to or if say they enter
    654321 I could send them to

    Also, if incorrect input is entered they would goto a error page.

    If anyone could direct me in the right direction or have a workup for this please reply. I was thinking this could be done via PHP.
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    Well the redirection is easy. It's the fourth example on this page

    To reverse a string use this function

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    You could also use the mod_rewrite in apache it's a bit harder but depending of course how you want to check for correct input.

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