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    Question billing


    I'm starting my littele hosting business (as a reseller) :-)

    And I have a littele problem: I don't know how to bill my clients. I know someone use someone someone And I don't know whot to choose...

    My be you know some good billing solutions?

    And whot do you think about modernbill? How does it work?

    P.S I don't like paypal etc. becous my clients will be forwarded to paypal site to complete an order...

    P.P.S Sorry for my english.

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    Since your starting out, use phpmanager instead of modernbill and for 3rd party merchant use 2checkout / hostcharge / revecom.
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    Though phpmanager is recommended for startups, i'd recommend going with modernbill right fronm the get go as it will be a pain to transfer all your client information and get them accustomed to the new software (trust me i know )

    if you're serious about hosting, it will be a great investment. it easily integrates with payment gateways, built in help desk and very customizable

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    Question ?

    So phpmanager or modernbill? :-)
    Whot is the difference?

    P.S I understand how paypal or 2checkout works... but I don't understand how modernbill works... who is taking money from clients?

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    We use 2checkout which automatically bills monthly/yearly depending on the customers setup and keep a database as well as a printed version of all payments.. This seems to be the easiest way for us..

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    neither phpmanager or modernbill actually take the'll need a payment processor or gateway to do this..

    modernbill is just phpmanager with a load more features - support desk, integrated billing, customizable client information fields, on and on..

    for the billing you'll either need your own merchant account/gateway, or a payment processor (hostcharge, revecom etc)

    again phpmanager is designed for startups, but if you plan on growing i'd recommend starting with modernbill

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    Where can I get that "merchant account/gateway"?

    Sorry may be my questions is little stupid...

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    I meen I know about ibill and other... But may be I can bill my clients locally on my site?

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    you can get a merchant account from many places (just do a search here, and on google and call your bank). also, modernbill provides them for at a pretty good deal (email them directly, i dont know the specs off hand)

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    Originally posted by vonavi
    Where can I get that "merchant account/gateway"?

    Sorry may be my questions is little stupid...
    why don't u try

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    I very recomended hostcharge and phpmanager.

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    2checkout & hostcharge will have to be used with phpmanager. Modern Bill does not support 2checkout or hostcharge. Modern Bill does support though.

    I've seen good rates at if you are a web host or ISP.
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    You can merchant accounts which give option to stay on your site and still accept payments. has this feature in their new service.

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    A merchant account/gateway will actually take (process) the credit card payments your clients make.

    A program like ModernBill organizes your clients and automatically bills them, using your merchant account.

    So, Modernbill is software, and the merchant account is how you will actually get the money--like a bank account, actually. Hope that makes more sense.

    You don't need the software (ModernBill) -- you can just use a shopping cart. But having it is much better!!!

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    keep in mind, sometimes you dont even need a billing program, like for startups, that have say under 50 customers, many gateways have such options as recurring payment, so after getting your merchant account, ask your rep to see if the gateway you have supports that, i know, icommerce gateway, linkpoint pro all support it

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    If modernbill supports it can be easily changed to support also. At least we have done it with one script.
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    Off Topic.

    Alaskan Wolf: RE your signature. The "Only" automated software? Don't you think you should change it?

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