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    Mod_throttle on windows apache

    ok, i am damn pissed off already.
    search throught the whole internet for days and i still can't get a solution.

    How do i run any of those bandwidth limiting modules on windows apache 1.326???

    Dun tell me to move to linux.

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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    If you're a Windows zealot, try Microsoft's own HTTP server and use their modules. Why would you run Apache on Windows? If you've already spent money buying a Microsoft product; why not two?
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    So anyone know?

    I am using windows casue i cannot be bothered to install linux. I need bandwidth limiting on virtual hosts.

    If there is not limiting, how about reporting? Like a report on hpw much bandwidth easy VH has used.

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