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    i have a vps from and also i see offers.. i search for review their reviews are so so some of users are pleased and some of them are not....
    now i do not know select which you have any reviews about ?
    what is your idea which one is beetter?
    i want just run my own site i do not want sell hosting or etc,

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    Shikhir is a good guy and their latest reviews are really good. Good luck!

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    actually i have two option :
    my virpus vps gioves me two month and specs is :
    768mb ram
    500gb bw
    3 ip
    45gb hdd
    and unmanged
    but Shikhir offer more specs and fully managed ..
    also the price is same for me i do not have nay problem with prices..
    what is your idea?i keep my virpus vps or cancel it and order vps with Shikhir?

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    Created: 2008-11-02

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    Created: 2008-11-02
    Ok and your join date is Join Date: Sep 2007 with around 100 posts. I think the OP asked for reviews and not when the domain was registered.
    To the OP, I am sure a bit of searching will return some reviews to read though.
    Also be careful not to go with a provider solely based on price or you will probably find yourself to be disappointed. If you're not experiencing any issues with your current provider, why switch? Just a thought.

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    I remember reading a few reviews about SaroraHosting recently.
    Try to search for the name, I'm sure you'll pick some up right away.

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