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    Question Generate Excel and Word files from PHP?

    Someone asked me if they could use php com functions to generate excel and word files from php. I'm at a loss as to what they're talking about!

    Anyone have a clue? Does php have any functions that do this?

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    yes it does, aslong as you are on a windows server,
    if you do a search for a tutorial you should be able to find something good.
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    Theres more on this topic and it does not have to on a windows server, check out:
    One nice way of generating a report and/or allowing your users to export the contents of a table, is to return HTML table tags as content-type Excel. This assumes the user has Excel 97 or later.

    header('Content-type: application/');
    echo "<table><tr><td>hello</td><td>world</td></tr></table>";

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