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    UK Dedicated Server 49 - one only

    Very much an entry-level server at an entry-level price, this server was recently made redundant by a client upgrading and is fully tested and freshly reinstalled.

    Located in RedBus Interhouse, Docklands, London and connected via ClaraNet on a fully burstable 10MBps connection. We do not throttle connection speeds on any of our hosted servers.

    Current IP is if you want to ping/traceroute.

    Celeron 400MHz
    128Mb RAM
    4Gb Hard Disk
    2Gb monthly bandwidth included

    49+VAT per month
    500/year if pre-paid annually.

    There is no set up fee for this server and it is ready for same-day handover.

    Additional bandwidth is 5/Gb over quota or can be arranged in advance at 25 per 10Gb.

    Email [email protected] with any questions or ICQ 34521005.

    Chris Newman
    DataSnake @ Lightwood Consultancy Ltd

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    Whooo! Steep prices on the bandwidth there

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    Fazel, is U.K bandwidth, and you pay for quality not quantity

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    We have servers colocated in Caladan. The colo company is using the University's facilities. Check out their prices. They offer much cheaper bandwidth prices, bandwidth does start at 6 but it get's cheaper, the more you buy/use.

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    So comparing like-for-like (as anyone who's ever watched QVC will know this is essential) is 10Gb with your guys 60, compared to our 25?

    By using the university's facilities, do you just mean they are in their computer centre or they actually connect your servers over JANET? I'm pretty sure you can't use JANET for any commercial traffic, so be careful if that's the case.

    Chris Newman
    DataSnake @ Lightwood Consultancy Ltd

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