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    Any accountants?

    I started college this fall with every intention of majoring in CS - now I have completely fallen in love with accounting. I guess there must be some sort of chemical inbalance in me, but it's awesome! Is there anyone that graces these boards with an accounting degree? If not, feel free to mock me for being a boring nerd.
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    I dont have one but I considered getting one..

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    Monte pointed me out to this thread. I think it's great! Another one of us. You'll do well to try and blend an accounting degree with CS. So go for it!

    I sweated blood and tears for six years (part-time and full-time) to get my degree and now I lecture in it. At the end of six years you might be pretty tired of it, too. I was....but I really enjoy it again, now. It's really a thing that you either love or hate, and you get it or you don't. Glad to see you get it

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    I have a degree in Accounting and Finance. Anything in particular you want to ask? I am currently an undergraduate for Chartered Financial Analyst. But I am into web hosting now. Heh......It would be nice to mix CS and Accounting.

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