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    3 60.00%
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    Dedication or Colocation

    What do you prefer?
    Please tell me your thoughts and views below
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    Well either way, you should be dedicated to server administration.

    With the good dedicated server deals I've seen lately, co-location isn't much cheaper these days, if at all. It might be cheaper in the long run, but if something breaks, you'll have to spend your money fixing it while with dedicated servers, the provider takes care of that, so I prefer dedicated. Also, if you cancel the server but need to keep the data, you can always ask if you can buy the hard drive, unless you're with RackShack.

    By the way, nice domain name.

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    Just becareful in getting stuck with a bad provider - Colocation or Dedicated. Its the worst situation to be in if you dont have full control over your box, upgrades, reboots or good service.
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    If you can afford to build a nice server, i'd definetley go with colo..

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