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    Lightbulb Cheap design and development work...

    Hey everyone,

    I'm offering some VERY cheap design and/or web development work at the moment. I'm proficient in HTML(/CSS/Javascript, all that) and PHP/MySQL mostly.

    Some of my design work can be viewed at:

    You can contact me at [email protected]

    Again, I'm willing to work very inexpensively... So, if you have a project, e-mail me and you might be surprised just how low I'm willing to go. Take care everyone!

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    I would just like to say your portfolio is great, a lot of examples that all look great. Extremely professional and smart looking!

    I wish you luck in securing work.
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    Nice Looking stuff. Sending you a email.

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    Thanks for the kind words guys! Just as a side note, I can be reached on AOL Instant Messenger; my screen name is hitek324.

    See ya!

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    My portfolio was moved and updated...

    I would appreciate your comments!

    P.S. - Still looking for work!

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    Originally posted by hitek
    Yeah, per the forum guidelines, bumps aren't permitted. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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