We have some great promotions going on for Internet and Data services from leading national providers including (AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, UUnet, Broadwing, Verio, Savvis, Megapath, etc)

Full Internet T1 - $589/month including local loop
-Includes Free Router
-Includes Free Installation

Full Internet DS-3 (45Mbps) - $4,050/month
-First Month Free
-Tier 1 Backbone

In State Private Line T1
$999/month for T1 Private Line (Point-to-Point)
-Good for any in-state private line (few exceptions)
-Tier 1 Backbone
-Free Installation

Flat Rate T1's for Rural Areas:

Pricing includes local loop ANYWHERE in the US (48 States)
-Includes ALL local loop costs
-Includes Cisco 2620 or 3640 Router
-Includes IP Addresses
-Free Installation
-Tier 1 Backbone

Flat Rate Pricing:
T1 (1.5Mbps)- $948/month
NxT1 (3.0Mbps)- $1,881/month
NxT1 (4.5Mbps)- $2,479/month
NxT1 (6.0Mbps)- $2,934/month

We also have great promo's going on:
-Long Distance
-Private Lines
-Gigabit Ethernet

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