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    Search for a host

    I've been looking for a host for the past month. My current host, has been giving me nothing but problems since I started, and billed me for service even when I requested not to be billed again.

    The requirements are this.
    - At least 25 Megs of space
    - MySQL, Perl, PHP
    - Telnet or SSH
    - At least 1 gig of transfer a month
    - 3.00 or less a month, payed quarterly

    If anyone knows of a good solid host that meets these requirements, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There are lots of good hosts who visit this forum, try doing a search.

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    Maybe you should post something in requests.

    If you want something like 25mbs, I'd suggest you try and get a custom plan from somewhere. Even though they don't say it on their site, hosts usually will give you a custom quote if you e-mail. I used to and still do this since I've never liked pre-set plans.
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