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    server photos

    Hello. DOes anyone know sites where i can find photos of servers i can use for free?

    Thank you very much,
    Duarte Carrilho da Graca

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    1) Open your web browser.
    2) Type in "" and press enter.
    3) Click on "Images"
    4) Type "servers" in the box.
    5) Press "Search"
    6) A list of images will be returned that you can use.

    For copyright issues see the web site they are hosted on. Most sites don't mind if you use the pictures as long as you give them credit for the artwork, which should not be a problem unless you are reselling and trying to hide the fact that you don't have your own servers from potential customers.
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    I've seen several companies (i.e. create vector images on their own. They look really techie and aren't a specific server brand or copyrighted photo. If you know any good illustrators you could have them draw you some that looked decent.
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