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    Wanted: Script Testing on Chilisoft/Sun One ASP

    My ASP script software, Real Assistant, has been modified following the porting guides on Sun's website in an attempt to make it compatible with Chilisoft/Sun ONE ASP. Since I use Windows servers, I cannot test that it actually works, I just know that it meets the guidelines.

    If someone on here has Chilisoft/Sun One ASP running on their server, I would like you to setup the software and make sure it works correctly. In return, you will get a copy of the software for free, a $150 value. If you are not interested in the software, I may be able to help you out somewhere else, like doing some graphic work or something.

    More information on the software:

    Just reply to this post if you are interested.


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    I would like to add that even though the software isn't just a single script or two, the configuration of it is very simple and straightforward. Only 1 file needs slightly edited, and the rest is quickly setup from a web based area. Total setup time would be under 10 minutes.

    Time spent testing would also be no more than 10 minutes. The only thing involved would be trying out the features and attempting to chat to make sure it works.

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