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    compile with php


    How to add a new module to php. I am new on installing and

    if anyone can help me with which file i have to modify and comiple it if would be really help ful.


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    That all really depends on how PHP is installed on your server and whether you have complete control over your server.

    If you are on a shared host your ONLY option is to speak to your hosting company.

    If it's on your own server and it's installed as a binary (most likely) then you need to download the source.

    Make a note of the current configure statement (by executing phpinfo() in a blank PHP document).

    Then from the shell run the configure statement adding in the additional modules (which you must install first).

    Then simply

    make install

    It's not really complicated if you know how to compile programs on unix but if you don't I'd advise reading up on it first.... and in all cases take a backup of your server first!!!!

    There is a great tutorial over at Rackshack forums (however this is specific to the Plesk Server Administrator and PHP 4.1.0 (which can be used for later versions too).

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