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    PKG File Uninstall Question

    I followed the directions on in order to uninstall Webalizer 1.30-04-7GIF-4 on my RaQ 3. I assumed it worked as the .pkg file is no longer listed on the GUI. And if I use the locate webalizer command, at the shell prompt while logged in as admin, I see no files found. BUT if I issue the same locate command while logged in as root I receive the following:

    [[email protected] /]# locate webalizer

    These files do not exist if I try to access them. Does someone know why I receive files found while logged in as root and not admin, espically since they do not exist? Thanks for your help.


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    From my understanding, you have to re-build the search database.

    And on that topic, I have yet to figure out how. The search database on one RAQ 4i I am dealing with seems to have been built from within a user directory, as everything is based in /home/sites/siteXX/web/<something>/

    It is annoying. Anyone know how to fix that?

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    Think the search database is refreshed every night, so just wait a day
    Hmm, what does this do... Oops!

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    Pingu, how do I tell it where to base it then?

    It is still coming out of this one virtual site's directory when it gives me paths, and it is getting annoying.

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    Probably you want to update it now.

    Run this file as root from the ssh prompt.


    that should rebuild the search DB

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    It rebuilds the database just fine. I think. Until I do a search, and it reports everything as being a subfolder of this one virtual site's directory. Any idea why this happens?

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