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    Make money from my site?...


    I was wondering if anyone knows of any banner programs or other ways to get money from my website that work. I have had a site for a bit, but moved to a new host and decided to remake the site. Now that I have eliminated all my errors, I think I am ready for advertising. Any suggestions of programs that will actualy pay? My website is at and my stats at . do I have enough visitors to sign up for a program? Those stats are since wednesday i think. .

    Thanks alot,
    christopher m. wilson

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    I don't if you have enough hit's to be accepted into a CPM campaign program, however I think you may have enough to get into a small CPC company such as,, or

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    34,725 is not a CPC company, it is CPA which might be worth a try. You would take a looooooooong time to get enough for your first cheque if you applied to (and was accepted by)
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    thanx Ill check it out

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