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  • Plesk

    7 23.33%
  • Ensim

    3 10.00%
  • Cpanel

    15 50.00%
  • Other

    5 16.67%
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    oh man lot has changed with the control panels

    Well I'm here just to give out my 2cents. I am very used to using plesk, been doing so for years now. I just bought a cpanel account and boy has everything changed. I've used cpanel before and was pretty happy with it but with CPanel 5 I'm seeing some errors/mistakes in the scripting. For example I want to addon a domain and it won't let me saying the registrar was not found and so on and so forth. I've tried ensim and it was nice but I still prefer plesk and cpanel over them. I just checked out Plesk 5 and was even more amazed at it's capabilities/look (moreso look even though it looks the same ). Well anyway I am really ticked off that Cpanel won't let me do some things, like add subdomains with their own ftp login and let me use the instead of . Is this just an error in the CPanel or can it be that Cpanel has gone sour? Don't get me wrong I still love cpanel and I think it can be just as good as plesk and ensim but only when it's working properly. This new build I heard was supposed to fix all the problems but I went to today and saw hosting companies reporting the same problems again and again. Is this just cpanel or is it just that they haven't been able to fix the problems found within the coding? Which panel do you prefer the most?

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    ahh my bad...Sorry about this mods please move it. Sorry I'll be more careful next time.

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    I like cpanel (they have pretty skins and has everything labelled), I think plesk is confusing but I like how you can get a ~folder (if that makes sense) and I don't even know what Ensim looks like.
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    I must be honest when I say that I've never given anything other than cpanel a chance...

    I personally have experienced many problems... the error you speak of when you tried to create an addon domain isn't really an error is it? When I created an addon domain the other day, mine said the same thing, but still worked... was more of a warning.

    As for subdomains... I've always given this ftp info out:

    username: [email protected]
    password: password

    You don't like this? Kind of lost me on the subdomain issue.


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    Oh What I meant there is. In Plesk, I would be allowed to create a directory for the subdomain. Now the ftp info would be the same as you would have right there but, in plesk you would only be able to view that directory and not be able to go to the root directory like I was with plesk.

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    exactly but for me it's different probably a glitch heh.

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