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Thread: What is SSH?

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    What is SSH?

    My webhost says it has login by SSH.... What is SSH. I assume it's using FTP but more secure?

    Is they have SSH will my host support SSH2? I'm using cuteFTP pro and i FTPed in using SSH2 so they do right?

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    SSH - Shell access. It allows you to perform tasks such as moving files, making changing to databases etc. It is mainly used for more advanced tasks that can't be done via FTP etc. Most of the time it comes down to personal choice because these days with control panels etc. most tasks can be done without SSH, although it's still a handy tool to have
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    It's used as a secure replacement for telnet.

    As rochen said, if you are using a control panel you probably won't need it often but it's good that your host provides it. / / : Interested?

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    here is alink that may be of use
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    SSH = God. If your host has port 23 (Telnet) open, run! SSH doesn't have the same vulnerabilities most Telnet daemons have.
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