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    windows 2k and mssql license?


    anyone here has your OWN ms-w2k and ms-SQL license?

    i checked on microsoft homepage, the windows 2000 advanced server with 25 client access(?) is 3999. and mssql for one processor standard version is 4999....

    is that what you paid for these 2 software?

    or what kind of license do i need for virtual hosting??

    where can i find cheaper license? or place to rent 2k and SQl license???

    any comments appreciated!!!

    thank you.

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    well what you could do is search around for cheaper licenses for win2k.

    If you dont need clustering (which is the main advantage of Advanced Server VS vanilla Windows 2000 server) then you are all set with win2k server. (You can purchase fewer licenses for less money with that OS than with advanced server)

    (Some places have better deals than MS does. (Check pricewatch for licenses, many times people can sell you them for good prices.)

    and MySQL IS available for win2k (Its an open source SQL server which is free to use.) Ive never used MY SQL, but it should be comparable to MS SQL or PostgreSQL which I have used in the past.

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    Yes, Although as previously mentioned there are cheaper options
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    Re: windows 2k and mssql license?

    Originally posted by torwill
    i checked on microsoft homepage, the windows 2000 advanced server with 25 client access(?) is 3999. and mssql for one processor standard version is 4999
    Yep, you only need Win2K Server unless you want clustering. You also need a CAL for each autheniticated user (authenticated through Windows that is - not any other authentication method).

    The correct MS SQL Server licence for internet use is the processor licence. It's just over 3000 in the UK, so $4999 sounds about right.

    However, MS SQL Server benefits from dual-procs, so expect to spend around $10,000 just on the licences for a decent DB Server. If you have bottomless pockets then you can always purchase MS SQL Server Enterprise at $11,000 a pop - per processor - and cluster your DB Servers as well.

    MySQL, unfortunately, isn't compatible with MS SQL, but it is a fast, robust, and stable DB Server. If you rely on FK constraints, Stored Procedures, Views, or triggers, then MySQL won't help you cos it doesn't support them.

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    thank you all for replying.

    then how could isps like fastservers offer ms-sql addon for only 108 per month??? with the price tage of 10000... it would take roghly 100+ month to break even... ??

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    Didn't someone say MS give away w2k AS to hosting companies?? - the hosting solutions company

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    I've heard that there was a short period when they either gave away Win2K server and MS SQL Server, or charged a token fee, but I not entirely sure. A couple of ISP's I work with claimed that they got these copies, but I take what they say with a pinch of salt.

    As for companies being able to supply MS-SQL addon's for 108 per month, I'd be inclined to think that this was on a shared DB server. I can't see how that pricing model would work out if this was exclusive use of a single licence.

    Another way could be that the licence has already been paid for by another client that no longer needs it. They could then re-use the licence that has been paid for and anything they charge is profit.

    We try to recover the cost of a MS SQL Licence over 12 or 18 months. If a client has used it for this length of time, then continued use, to us, is effectively free. If a client leaves then we can provide the licence for use by another client using our servers at no cost to us.

    There's also bulk-buying which would save some money as well.

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