Yahoo Expired Domain Names Finder

The Facts
-Yahoo generates over 45 BILLION page views per MONTH!
-Yahoo reaches over 50% of all net users
-Yahoo gets 210 million UNIQUE visitors each month!
-Yahoo has higher brand awareness than AOL or MSN
(all figures taken from the Yahoo research center)

A website can be only listed in Yahoo by doing one of two things.

1) Paying $299.00 for your site to be "reviewed" by a Yahoo editor. This fee only covers the review of your site, not guaranteeing your site being listed. In our members area we have hundreds of expired domains that you can register right now.

2) Hire a company that claims to list your site. They usually charge hundreds of dollars and results are not guaranteed. Here at we provide you with daily updates of yahoo domains that have expired and are ready to be registered now.

What is my point? The point is you can now be listed or invest in domain names listed in the Yahoo directory.
How? With my Yahoo Expired Domain Names Finder you can do just that!

Script Features
It can be run via Cron - so it can start-up everyday at 6:30am when domains are deleted and check for fresh expired domain names
Auto Email Notication - The script will automatically email you or a list of members the expired domains as soon as it finds the an expired domain name.
Easy to instal - The script is ready to run, simply configure a setup file and your ready to go or if required, I'll install it for you for free!
[bFind only FRESH domains[/b] - You will NOT get the same name sent to you twice, each name found are compared to the database of names, and will only send email noticfication if its not listed in the database. so you will recieve FRESH names everyday.

Example of email -(actual expired name - expired today (22/09/02)
The Following domain is expired from Yahoo!
Title......... Robert, Monique
Position...... 527

Make money
You can use this script to make your own yahoo expired domains service, charging monthly membership fees. and the good news is that, my script is written and ready for that purpose!. simply enter a list of member's email addresses, and the script will send an email out to all members everytime it finds a domain name. The script will pay for itself in no time!

You can offer this as a bonus service to attract customers to your hosting business!!!

Introductory Price: $95 via paypal.
Only 10 available at this introductory price, after that, I will be lauching an official website and will be selling at a normal price of $195. NO EXCEPTIONS!.

DMOZ Expired Domain Names Will be available soon

Please email: [email protected] if you wish to purchase Yahoo Expired Domain Names Script.