As our hosting company is in mature stage, our tech tickets are low and servers stable so our techs have quite a lot of spare time on hand.

Thus, we are looking to do system adminstration and tech support for 2 companies only. Anyone interested, please email me at [email protected] or pm me. For test response, please register at test.combuzz.com and open a ticket there. Please only open technical or general questions tickets. For sales questions, send email to me directly as tech will not know how to answer sales questions.

System adminstration (starting from $80 per month per server)
- Unlimited install of server software and modules upon request.
- 2 hours of server troubleshooting
- General support on server issues
- Monitoring system

Tech Support (starting from $80 per month per server)
We do not really limit how many tickets. Let's say one has 80 tickets a month on general issues which can answer quickly, it will be $80. Even if one has 150 tickets a month on general issues, it will still be $80 per month. Only when tickets requiring a greal deal of research will the price increase. We are flexible on that.

Thank you