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    NEW Diggs

    Check out my new purchase I have a lot of work to do but we will have RT19 in its new home by spring and give us the much needed space.

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    Cool, congrats! Tiny scary though... looks haunted....

    Jordan Bouvier

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    Cool can I be the ghost?

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    Originally posted by ServerSonic
    Cool, congrats! Tiny scary though... looks haunted....

    funny you should mention that, some locals have said that.
    Case in point my sons good friend who is a good kid calls last saturday and said he seen 2 old ladies walking out the front door and the alarm was going. I was feeling bad with a cold it was raining but had to go reset the alarm..when I got there the side door was closed and when I went to the alarm it had not been tripped I look at the front door it has no lock on it but when we finished work friday we put a cut stone against the door the stone was still in place and ways about 80 pounds......

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