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    Linux bandwidth limiting

    Anyone know of any good software you can use to limit a person's bandwidth under Slackware? If they buy a 3GB/mn plan, how do you enforce it?

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    Be more specific. Bandwidth from which service? FTP, POP3, HTTP?

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    try mod_throttle -- for limiting traffic limits for apache www-server.

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    The newer kernels all have QOS ( Quality of Service ) features built right into the kernel which allows you to limit bandwidth by Interface or IP.

    Wish I could find my working example file but I can't seem to locate it at the moment but it was a pretty simple 5 line shell script to set the limits on a single ip.

    Hmm try either of these 2, I remember having a issue find the right combination ( not all QOS formats are enabled by default in the linux kernel )

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