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    Merchant recommendations

    Sorry, if this has been covered before, I'm new to the site (& business). I'm looking for some recommendations for merchant systems. I've looked at hostcharge and it seems like a logical choice for me as I'm new in the business and don't expect HUGE gains immediately. Would this be a good system to start out with for a beginner? The rates seem reasonable and the interface looks good. Any other recommendations, besides hostcharge? I've also checked out and actually purchased a web template through them. The interface seem'd kind of icky and thrown together, but I guess it could have been the template websites interface? Thank you everyone for your input!

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    Both companies are good but Hostcharge doesn't require setup fee so you'd better start with them
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    2Checkout doesn't have the nicest interface, but it does get the job done, so I would recommend it.

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    I recommend hostcharge.
    2checkout have big fees in refunds and chargebacks.

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    I also recommend hostcharge.

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