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    How's OnlineDataCorp?

    Few Questions:
    Does anyone use OnlineDataCorp?
    How is it?
    Do you recieve the money fast?
    Is it easy to setup?
    Is it reliable?

    Im thinking about signing up with them, so I just wanted to get opinions on them. thanks

    PS. Does modernbill work with onlinedatacorp??

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    Use search. Here's a thread about them and it doesn't look too good.

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    Stay far far away from OnlineData. They have some of our funds that they've refused to release as well and they do quite a few unethical things.

    Also, I've always noticed that with their customer service, if you want anything done or have more than a very very basic question they "transfer you" and I've been transferred to voicemail every single time. Usually I call about 5 times and leave messages when I'm transferred before someone would call back. Personally I think they pick and choose who to call back depending on what the problem is.

    This is my opinion, but as far as I'm concerned, they're one of the biggest fradulent operations online as far as their industry is concerned.
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